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Buying/Selling your home is the biggest decision you’ll ever make. To us it is not just another transaction. When we work together, we don’t just help you buy or sell your home, we help you transition into your new lifestyle. We help you make the right move. It is all about you!

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  • Are You Ready for the Suburbs 2021?

    NewGen Realty 22 February 2021

    In 2020, we saw a flock of buyers heading for the suburbs. And for good reason. We spent much of 2020 cooped up in our downtown apartments with much of nothing to do. At first, it seemed completely do-able. We’d flatten the curve and soon things would be back to normal. But then several months passed, and now a year, and while we watched our friends pack their apartments up and move out of the city, we asked ourselves, “How much longer is this going to go for?”